Game Day “Meet Your Knights”: Sophomore Kaci Snyder

Not only is it game day, Knights fans, but it’s SUNYAC game day!! To kick off our weekend, say hello to sophomore OPP Kaci Snyder from Freeport, NY!

My full name is… Kaci Joan Snyder.

My birthday is… April 16th.

My major is… Communications.

My family members are… Deirdre (mom), Paul (dad), sister Devan (25 yrs.), brother Peter (22 yrs.), and sister Brooke (16 yrs.).

My hobbies/interests are… going on my boat, swimming, running, and going to the beach.

I chose GSU because… I loved the feel of the campus and the people walking around. The campus is so beautiful and the perfect size so that you know a lot of people but can always meet new ones too. It’s probably the best SUNY school academically as well, which is very attractive.

My favorite athlete is… Nathan Adrian.

My favorite movie is…She’s the Man.

My favorite TV show is… New Girl.

My favorite food is… white pizza.

My favorite place on campus is…my dorm.

My favorite vacation spot is…the Florida Keys.

My favorite volleyball player is…Kerri Walsh-Jennings.

I started volleyball in… 7th grade.

My most memorable match is… the last match before playoffs of Junior year. If we won, we made playoffs, if we lost, we did not. I ended up scoring the winning point off a kill and everyone jumped on me and hugged me– it was awesome!

My favorite thing about GSU Volleyball is… how close knit and open our whole team is. I vividly remember going on recruit visits to other schools, and the girls were never as welcoming as our girls are. I also love our dedication to the game; each of us is always looking to better ourselves and applauds each other when we do something amazing.

The best road trip I’ve ever taken was… to one of our tournaments last year– instead of a coach bus we got a party bus with couches and tables and lounge chairs it was so cool! On the ride home we got Chipotle and it was just so nice sitting on the couches and just hanging out on a party bus.

Before every match, I… listen to music to clear my mind a little bit and drink a lot of water to make sure I’m all warmed up and hydrated.

In off-season training, I worked on… a lot of strength training because prior to college I had never really done that. I worked a lot on my leg muscles because those are obviously important in volleyball. I also did a lot of cardio so I could get used to long periods of exerting energy.

This summer, I… worked a lot and worked out a lot. When I wasn’t doing either of those, I was either at the beach or on my boat or catching up with my high school and even elementary school friends. I didn’t go on any vacations or anything, but I did go to a bunch of concerts which were all so much fun.

The best thing about GSU is… how close the whole school is. Every day I see so many friendly people who smile and wave and are just really genuine and that’s hard to find at a lot of colleges. It makes the whole experience of coming here ten times better. I’ve met people here that I will keep as friends forever.
When I run out onto the court in Schrader Gym, I think… about what I need to do at this very moment to better myself, whether it’s hustle to every ball or go up and swing as hard as I can.

If I wasn’t playing college volleyball, I would be … playing a bunch of different intramural sports. I played one during spring semester last year and it’s just a really great way to get exercise and meet a lot of awesome people as well.
My idea of happiness is…feeling confident and having a strong support system. Family is very important to me, and my family members make me happier than anyone. Being so far from them at Geneseo can get hard sometimes, but all my friends here bring me so much happiness that they are like family to me.

My role models are…definitely my mom. When I was younger I always thought she was insanely strict and irrational. Now, seeing the way some other girls were raised and how they turned out, I’m so thankful that my mom raised me the way she did. She is so smart and laid back and doesn’t really care what others think of her, but always presents herself in the best way.

I would like to have the ability to…be a really good artist because I love painting and drawing, but I’m not like amazing at it.

My fantasy job/career would be… to scuba dive for a living (if money wasn’t an issue!). Whether that means instructing a class or diving for research, that would be the most fulfilling career I would want to take up. It would bring me around the world and I would see so many amazing things and meet such a wide variety of people. I spend a lot of time on the water and snorkeling off the shores in Florida, it has just always been a hobby of mine.

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40 is… have five kids!!! I come from a big, really close knit family, and therefore know how much fun having a big family is. My fondest memories are road trips or vacations to different countries or even just having dinner together, all spent with my family. Although I do want to travel and see the world, I am soo excited to have a family and have them experience it with me.

My post-college/career plans are… of course I want to get a job when I get out of college, wherever it may take me, so I can save up some money and pay off loans. I’d love to be a news anchor, or at least work for one for a bit. I’ve always found the news interesting, and since I’m just recently switching my major to communications, I’ll get more of a knowledge in that field.

If I could bring one thing from my hometown to college, it would be… my boat! I live on the water and my family has two boats. We spend all summer on them fishing or water skiing or just cruising into the ocean. Boating is a huge part of my family and the main thing that brings us together all the time. It truly is my favorite part of where I’m from and how I was brought up.

The most unusual thing the average person would not know about me is… I am like deathly ticklish; I have to warn people not to try and tickle me because if they do I freak out on them because I hate it so much! It’s such an uncomfortable feeling for me and it makes me really angry when people think I’m joking and then they try to tickle me.

I can’t live without… chapstick. I would probably die if I didn’t have chapstick. Anyone who knows me knows that’s true; I literally bring it out and leave it by my water bottle every day for practice!

The greatest invention of the last 100 years is… definitely computers, they make information so much more accessible. I don’t know what I’d do if I had a project in school and had to search through libraries for resources! They also keep people connected. I can keep tabs on my family members all over the world, people I haven’t seen in years, just by typing their name into Facebook.

My greatest fear is… losing one of my family members because I know what it’s like to lose someone close to you, but losing one of my siblings or my parents would be unbearable.

My greatest achievement is... making it into SUNY Geneseo and also making the volleyball team. This was a reach school for me when I was applying for colleges, because my grades just barely met requirements. I also didn’t plan on playing volleyball here until a week before freshman year was supposed to start, when I emailed Coach Dunn asking if I could come for a tryout and she said yes! It was definitely a big achievement for me to have made the volleyball team last year, which is something I try to remind myself every day.

The historical figure I would most like to meet is… Bob Marley because I have loved his music for the longest time, I was basically raised listening to it. I also love his outlook on life and the way his music brings joy and peace to so many people.

The most famous person I’ve ever met is… This actually happened this summer, I was at a concert with my sisters for my favorite band, Sublime with Rome. We got tickets way in the front. After the show my sister and I were trying to get the security guard to let us backstage, when one of the stage managers came up to us and asked us if we wanted to come backstage. We were literally so shocked so we followed him and met the main singer of the band, Rome Ramirez, and the rest of the band. It’s not really a popular band but I’ve been listening to their music for so long it was sooo surreal meeting him. It’s definitely in the top ten nights of my life.

If I could have one superpower, it would be… to fly, I always have dreams about flying and it’s so fun in my dreams I wish it were real!

If I were Coach Dunn for a day, I would… bring pizza to practice for everyone!!!!!! Actually though, I would probably just jump in and scrimmage with us to see what it’s like playing college volleyball again.

Thanks, Kaci!! That was awesome!

Don’t miss our match tonight against Oneonta @ 5PM! GO KNIGHTS! 

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