Game Day “Meet Your Knights”: FY Kat Vernon

Happy Thursday, Knights fans! We’re back with another one of our “Meet Your Knights” blogs. Today, we’d like to introduce you to first-year MB Kat Vernon from Brighton, NY!

My full name is… Katherine Nettie Gilfeather Vernon.

My nickname is… Kat.

My birthday is… December 16th.

My major is… Psychology.

My family members are… Debbie (mom), Garry (dad), brother Josh (31 yrs.), brother Patrick (25 yrs.), sister-in-law Jessica (31 yrs.), and neice Addison (1 yr. 9 mo.).

My hobbies/interests are… playing the piano, which I’ve been doing for 12 years. I also played basketball in high school along with volleyball, so I hope to play intramural basketball here at Geneseo. I love documenting my travels/experiences on camera and editing them into cool videos (I’ve been doing that since 6th grade). Also, I am oddly obsessed with hedgehogs, sloths, and cats.

I chose GSU because… I knew the academics were strong. The beautiful campus also attracted me to it. Most of all, I chose Geneseo because it seems like a close, wonderful community to be a part of.

My favorite athlete is… Daisuke Matsuzaka.

My favorite movie is…Silver Linings Playbook.

My favorite TV show is…Grey’s Anatomy.

My favorite sports team is…the Boston Red Sox.

My favorite food is…tri-colored rotini with pesto and mozzarella.

My favorite vacation spot is…York, Maine.

I started volleyball in… 7th grade.

My most memorable match is… my senior year of highschool when our volleyball team won our sectional semi-finals game, taking us to the sectional finals. It was such an accomplishment because it was the first time in the history of Brighton High School that the girls volleyball team had ever made it to the sectional finals.

My favorite thing about GSU Volleyball is… how close the team is and the hilarious jokes we all contribute.

The best road trip I’ve ever taken was… when myself and three of my closest friends took a roadtrip to the Thousand Islands for a weekend. The whole way there we blasted our favorite songs and took some silly pictures in the car. Good times.

Before every match, I… listen to some crazy, wild, exciting pump up songs.

This summer, I… travelled to Denmark with my best friend to visit her exchange student from last year, who we both became best friends with. We got to stay in an apartment in Copenhagen for two weeks and just explore the city together. We even had a mini side trip to Amsterdam for three days.

I would like to have the ability to… sing and to be able to join an a capella group. Whenever I see live performances of a capella groups I am absolutely mesmerized.

My fantasy job/career would be… being a cinematographer for a big company in Hollywood.

If I could bring one thing from my hometown to college, it would be… My mom (aka my best friend).

The most unusual thing the average person would not know about me is… I have a collection of hedgehog paraphernalia in my closet at home in Rochester.

I can’t live without…2% milk – the most delicious beverage to ever exist.

The greatest invention of the last 100 years is… Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme.

My greatest fear is…spiders.

The most famous person I’ve ever met is… a famous Danish singer while I was in Denmark. He was at a family dinner I was attending (he is semi-related to my best friend, Liva, the one we were visiting). He is very famous there, mainly because he is the lead singer in the band “Disneyland After Dark” aka D.A.D.

Thanks, Kat! Be sure to check out her skills in our match against the University of Pitt-Bradford TONIGHT at 7PM! GO KNIGHTS! 

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