Game Day “Meet Your Knights”: Senior Tricia Baxley

It’s GAME DAY, Knights fans! Coming back at ya with another “Meet Your Knights” blog, this time with senior OH Tricia Baxley from Smithtown, NY!

My full name is… Patricia Fallon Baxley.  

My nickname is…Tricia.

My birthday is…September 25th. 

My major is…Communication.

My family members are…Stephen (dad), Nancy (mom), and my four brothers—Tom (25 yrs.), Sean (23 yrs.), Jim (19 yrs.), and Liam (17 yrs.).

My family members who compete(d) in college and/or professional athletics are…my brother Sean who plays for the Emmanuel College Men’s Volleyball Team.

My hobbies/interests are… being with my family, playing with my dogs, watching The Office, and exploring new places with friends.

I do volunteer work at/with… my church back home. I participate in church fundraisers and enjoy helping with both congregational and community outreach.

I chose GSU…for many reasons. It’s a cute, small town with lots of character and love, which is the kind of school I have always wanted to attend. It’s also a great academic school. Lastly, the volleyball program—never in my life have I encountered people as wonderful as my teammates and coaches from Geneseo Volleyball. The athletic department is one giant family- that’s something I have felt since day one as a Geneseo Knight. It is such a privilege to be a part of it.

My favorite athlete is…Iman Shumpert.

My favorite movie is…The Dark Knight Rises.

My favorite TV show is…The Office.

My favorite sports team is…The Knicks.

My favorite food is…anything my mom makes.

My favorite place on campus is…the Team/Locker Room.

My favorite cartoon character is…Spongebob.

My favorite vacation spot is…Montauk, NY.

My favorite volleyball player is…Paige Pendleton.

I started volleyball in… 8th grade.

My most memorable match is… County Finals my Junior Year of high school.

My favorite thing about GSU Volleyball is…my teammates.

The best road trip I’ve ever taken was…

Before every match, I…listen to music.

In off-season training, I worked on…increasing my upper body strength.

This summer, I… had an internship with Canon USA at their headquarters on Long Island.

The best thing about GSU is…our culture.

When I run out onto the court in Schrader Gym, I think…its FINALLY time for volleyball!

If I wasn’t playing college volleyball, I would be… Wishing I was playing.

My idea of happiness is… waking up every morning, loving your job, being happy with who you are and the people you choose to surround yourself with.

My role models are…my parents.

I would like to have…the ability to play the piano.

My fantasy job/career would be…a script writer for Saturday Night Live.

One thing I absolutely have to do before I turn 40 is… go to Jerusalem.

My post-college/career plans are… to get a job that I love!

If I could bring one thing from my hometown to college, it would be…my dogs.

The most unusual thing the average person would not know about me is… I have to enter every room, or take my first step on a staircase with my left foot. So weird, but I’ve done it my whole life and I can’t not do it, it would be too weird/feels so strange.

I can’t live without…my family.

The greatest invention of the last 100 years is… this is a little over 100 years, I’m sorry, but Pizza.

 My greatest fear is…GHOSTS.

The fictional/historical figure I would like to meet is…Jesus.

The most famous person I’ve ever met is…Nick Jonas.

If I could have one superpower, it would be…flying.

Be sure to catch Tricia do her thing on the volleyball court (with a wicked arm cast, no less!) TONIGHT in GSUVB’s first SUNYAC match against Fredonia at SUNY Potsdam @ 7PM!

AND don’t forget to wish Tricia a happy 21st birthday this Sunday! Happy early birthday, T!


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