Summer 2016

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all having a great time enjoying your summers! I would like to say that my summer has been filled with lots of vacations to exotic places, however, that is not the case for this year. But that’s okay, it just means that I get to spend more time at home with my family and my dog, Luna!

Hanging out in my pool with Luna!

To kick off my summer, I started a new job at a country club near my house. This job is really helpful to me as a communication major because it gives me a chance to meet lots of new people and work on my public speaking skills. On the days that I do not work at the country club, I also work as a soccer referee for little kids in a league sponsored by my community. This job can be pretty fun, but it certainly helps me work on my patience too. Since this soccer league is so popular in my community, with over 150 kids, I have been talking to a lot of the parents at soccer about trying to set up a volleyball league for kids. A lot of people seemed really interested in it, so I think that setting up a recreational volleyball league for kids is a project  that I am going to take on for next summer!

I did go on one vacation this summer to Florida, however, I do not count it as a vacation seeing as my family and I were only there for 36 hours total. We took the trip because my cousin got married in Disney World. The ceremony was at the Grand Floridian Resort, which is  the nicest resort in Disney, and the reception was in EPCOT at the Living Seas Aquarium. The reception was really cool because one whole wall of the room that we were in was part of the aquarium tank!

At the Living Seas Aquarium for the wedding reception!

Earlier this summer, my family made an exciting purchase. We bought a sailboat! My parents are both avid sailors who have been itching to get a boat for a long time, so they finally got one! Since we live close to Buffalo, we get to sail the boat, Blue Ginger, on Lake Erie! Being on the boat is so much fun, especially since when we take a bunch of my family and friends out and just spend the entire day on the lake. One of the highlights of my summer was getting to spend the Fourth of July on our boat and then watching the firework and laser show put on by Canalside. It was an absolutely incredible experience!

The first time we got to sail our new boat!

Another big part of my summer is, of course, volleyball! As soon as I got home from college in May, I set up a passing station in my back yard, and I try to practice that drill as much as I possibly can. I also play in a sand volleyball league of Wednesday nights in my town with a bunch of my friends. We might not be the best team, but it gives me an opportunity to get my hands on a ball and work on fine-tuning the fundamental skills of the game. Since my roommate, Emily Ast, and I only live about an hour away from each other, we sometimes get to meet up at our old club and play! Going back to our old club gives us an opportunity to see our old coaches and teach younger players the things that we have learned in college!

Emily and I with two younger players from our club

Emily and I sometimes have time to meet up and go to lunch together too. It is so nice to see her, and it reminds me of how much I miss my teammates and Geneseo! I can’t wait to go back to  campus to work the volleyball camps at the end of July!

Emily and I out to lunch!
You can see how much I miss my roomie!

Needless to say, its been a great summer filled with volleyball, sailing, friends, and family! I hope that everyone has a great rest of the summer! I am so excited to see all of you in the gym soon for preseason! Happy Summer!

Sarah Bain, Sophomore


Summertime… When living is simple

On left Momma Peg and Gma Dort on right.

First things first–I GRADUATED!! It seems so long ago already but just after all of you left campus, I took a short vacation back to Wisconsin to walk the plank for the second time to receive my Master’s in Education. I am happy not to have to write any more papers or take any more exams. If I ever get the urge to go back, I will take a short moment to live vicariously through each of you!

I returned to NY after graduation to finish up some work and get ready for summer volleyball camps because it mid June, it was time to take a drive back home.

Fourteen hours later and an unplanned drive into Canada and back out of Canada.. I made it back to the Midwest. I stopped in for an overnight visit with my parents and then off to Minnesota for volleyball camp!

Featured on the left, Miles.

While in Minnesota, I doubled up and stayed with my two best girlfriends from college and their families. Lucky for me, both have had their first children who are toddlers now and one is already on to #2. It is always special spending time with them–it’s as though we have never spent any time apart.

Featured in the photo above is one of the kiddos! He is quite a special little person! While we were posing for the photo above, Miles and I were doing some recruiting at his momma’s club practice. Both of my girlfriends coach a club team in MN and they were leaving for Chicago the same week for the Junior Olympic Championships. Who doesn’t love volleyball?

Overall, the camp went great and it was some well overdue time spent with some of my favorite people.

The Banana Split

I made a quick pit stop in La Crosse, Wisconsin where I went to college just to check out my favorite ice cream shop. They make homemade ice cream and all sorts of candies. I can still remember walking in and smelling freshly created waffle cones! Needless to say, I devoured the entire thing and never looked back. Certainly not a place I would have enough self-control to stay away from now.


Yum!! My first week back at my parents in Wisconsin was spent doing things I would have done during my summers as a kid! I hand-picked 20 pounds of strawberries and made jam! Of course there were still A LOT of berries left so we have had strawberry shortcake, crushed strawberries on ice cream, and even just berries to snack on!

We went to my parents company picnic and watched what is the well-known “best fireworks show” in all of central Wisconsin! It is great to see familiar faces and get the chance to catch up with everyone! It has been entertaining for me to explain where Geneseo is in comparison to New York City.

This past weekend was the holiday and I spent it my hometown with my family! Friday night we had the traditional Friday Night Fish Fry! Brace yourselves… on Saturday, my mom, Grandma Dort, and a few of my Aunts went to the annual 4th of July weekend event–The Amish Auction. I only go for the donuts. They are incomparable to any breakfast donut that ever existed. But there are several large tents with handmade quilts, crafts, food, furniture, and even some pretty neat Pinterest finds in the auction portion. That night, we grilled on the open fire and I learned that putting butter in literally anything can enhance the taste to a whole other level of goodness! Sunday was spent golfing and visiting with more family in town.


It was pretty toasty out but lots and lots of fun! We found some neat thing..some fresh plants, a bench, an old ice chest, and even a cute little gas can that I am sure will turn into a decoration somewhere!

The rest of the weekend we ate like royalty in my opinion! We snacked on the casual cheese, sausage, and crackers, and toasted some s’mores on the fire! Grilled out every night and spent some good quality time with my parents!

I am on the final lag of my trip in Wisconsin. I have a wedding this weekend and then I will begin the short drive back to New York. I am looking forward to getting back into the gym, running camps, and seeing each of you! I hope each of you has taken some time for yourselves and are refreshed upon your return in nearly a month!

Happy summering! See you soon GSUVB 2016!

-Coach Amber

My first hello!

Hi ladies! Finally the moment I’ve been waiting the last few weeks for is here—getting to say hi to all of you as your new assistant coach! I’ve been reading all of your posts these last few weeks and feel like I know some of you already (it sounds like you’re having fantastic summers, by the way). I can’t tell you how excited I am to read the upcoming ones and officially meet you all very soon!

I think I’ll start with a little bit of an introduction first since I’m brand new to all of you, and then I’ll get to telling you a little bit about what my summer has been like so far. First and foremost, my name is Hunter Drews and I’m from Clifton Park, NY (a little suburb outside of Albany). I just graduated this past May from Trinity College, which is in Hartford, CT, with a degree in American Studies and Psychology. I played volleyball all of my four years at Trinity as an OH and a RS and was a captain for my last two years. I knew even before I decided to attend Trinity that playing in college was absolutely going to be in my plans and it was the best decision I’ve ever made, as I’m sure all of you can relate to! Not only did I learn so much about myself and so many irreplaceable life lessons, but I gained friendships that are unlike any of my other relationships. Your teammates see you at your very worst and your very best and, amazingly, love and support you regardless. Just from reading your posts, it sounds like so many of you know what this feels like and I guarantee it will be one of the many things you’ll cherish in the years to come.

Photo from last season with the seniors on my team– that’s me on the bottom right! 

A little bit more about me—my mom and my dog, Dory (yes, she’s named after Dory from Finding Nemo!), are my absolute best friends in the entire world and I’m sure you’ll meet them many times this season! I’m an avid reader (particularly the predictable, only-read-when-laying-on-the-beach romance novels), I could easily eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food in one sitting, and my ways to workout are spin/cycling and yoga classes (and volleyball, of course!).

My beautiful mama at my favorite burger & milkshake joint when I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark (hence the empty milkshake glass!).
And this is Dory, queen of our household. Not only does she rule the house, but she definitely has no idea that she’s actually a dog, not a human.

There are a thousand more things I’d love to tell you guys about me, but we’ll have plenty of time for that starting pretty soon! So on to some exciting things about my summer (which are pretty dull compared to all of yours, just a warning!):

I’ve been spending the summer, as I have several summers in the past, as a lifeguard at a pool down the street from where I live, so that’s been a pretty relaxing way to make some money and keep myself busy. On the more fun side, my best friend and I went to visit some family friends of mine in Marshfield, MA at their beach house for a few days a couple of weeks ago. I’m a sucker for cute little beach houses (who isn’t?), and theirs is the perfect little getaway—and it’s not more than 50 feet from the water! We spent a few days doing absolutely nothing but sleeping in, laying on the beach, and making s’mores by the fire at night, which was exactly what we both needed after an amazing but long four years at school. I’m hoping we’ll go back again sometime in the next few weeks for a few days before we both head our separate ways!

me & cait
My best friend, Cait, & I catching some time at the beach before high tide on our last night!

That’s really all the fun I’ve had so far this summer… it’s definitely no trip to Israel or jumping off bridges (which I can’t wait to hear more about!), but it’s been really nice to spend my last summer at home relaxing with the people I love. I’ve got a few more fun things planned for the rest of the summer, one of which being a trip to Dallas this week for a wedding! One of my best friends that I met while studying abroad in Copenhagen last year is getting married, so a few of us are making the trip out there for a long weekend. We haven’t all been together in over a year, so I can’t wait to see everyone again and celebrate this new chapter of her life!

Here are a few of the friends I’ll be seeing in Dallas! Arianne is in the middle with the white sweater and Meagan, all the way to the right, is the one getting hitched! 🙂 

That’s about it for the rest of my summer! After Dallas, I’ll be at Geneseo for our camps at the end of July, lifeguarding here and there, and just getting ready for the season to begin! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be part of the program and not only share what I’ve learned in all my years of volleyball, but learn as much as I can from Coach and all of you. It’s going to be a great year and I think Coach and I are more than ready for us to get started already!! I hope you all have a blast with the rest of your summers, keep working hard, and get out there and play lots and lots of volleyball! I’ll see you all at camp in a couple of weeks!

Saved the best for last…here’s 6-year-old me showing you guys how excited I am to see you all in a few weeks!! (Don’t mind the fact that I was playing soccer–I figured out volleyball was the greatest sport ever not too long after this!)