Summer 2016

This weekend has been so fun getting back in the gym with everyone. It really was so exciting to get to play with the newer players and to see what our future holds! Sunyacs here we come! It’s always hard to leave Genny but luckily we will all be back together in the gym in just a few weeks.
This summer I have been busy working, working out, and spending time with my mom and friends from home.
At the beginning of the summer I got a job at the Finger Lakes Distillery. I work in the tasting room and get to talk to people from all different walks of life. These are some of my coworkers and I in the tasting room.image

One day I got to work downstairs with the master distiller. The process is very interesting and complex. The master distiller actually has his PhD in biochemistry. This is me helping run water through the pot still to clean it.
It’s been really nice to be home this summer. Last summer I stayed in Geneseo so it has been really great to be back so that I can spend time with my mom! Here is a picture of us on Seneca Lake.
We also did Wine and Design, and it ended up being so fun! Notice I did not include a picture of the finished product, neither of us are artists haha…


I also got to spend some time outside in the beautiful weather! I am from Ithaca and we have a bunch of hiking areas around us.  This is a picture of my cousin Tommy and I at Taughannock Falls. Normally it is a gushing waterfall but there has been such a drought, there’s barely a trickle!

I got to see my moms side of the family when we went to the Thousand Islands. This is my cousins and I at Bohlt Castle. It was actually build by a man for his wife but she sadly died a month before it was finished. He was devastated and left the castle to ruin. Since then an organization has worked to raise money and rebuild it. It was good to see it in the process of renovation. image
With my other side of the family we also go up to Sebago Lake in Maine. My grandparents have a cottage and we all get to spend time together at the beach and playing games. It’s my favorite place on earth. We are going up there next week but here is a picture from last year! 11879148_410238999172746_1838512790522109373_o
After Maine I’ll be coming straight back to a school. I am so excited to be back in the gym and start a great season!

See you soon!


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