This summer has truly been relaxing and very enjoyable. I’ve been able to spend lots of time with family and friends, playing volleyball and softball, and of course working.

Most of my summers in the past have been filled with softball, and this one was no different. I played with my friends in 3 tournaments and we even won one of them! Besides the 23 open league, I also play slow pitch on Thursday nights which is really fun. Next week we play in the slow pitch championship game!

Here’s my travel team after we won our first tournament!!

One of the big things I had been looking forward to this summer was my cousin’s wedding! My cousin Jordan was the first of my cousins to get married so of course it was a very big deal. He and his beautiful wife Miranda got married last weekend and the reception was at the place where I work! I love my job since I get to see all of the decorations and dresses and watch people have so much fun on their wedding day. My cousin’s wedding was so fun and it was great to see my two cousins, one from Colorado and one from Virginia, who came in for it!

It was pretty tough to get a decent picture of all of my cousins but we all had a blast! My cousin Jordan who got married is on the far right!

The time I’ve spend with my friends has been mostly exploring Buffalo. I’ve been to a couple Food Truck Tuesday’s, which is one of my favorite parts of the summer. Every Tuesday food trucks gather at Larkin Square and people come out to enjoy the nice weather, live bands, and great food. Canalside is also a great summer hotspot in Buffalo. It lies on the edge of Lake Erie and host events like free concerts on Thursdays. It’s fun to go eat and spend time watching the kayakers and sailboats on the water. Another big event downtown this summer was the Justin Bieber concert that I went to with my best friend Hannah! I also got to see Madison for the first time since school at the concert so that was awesome.

Me and my best friend Hannah at the concert!

The furthest I have gotten away form Buffalo so far this summer was a short day trip to Toronto to meet my friend Nick’s girlfriend. In about a week though I’m going to Disney World which will be a fun trip to close a great summer!

Me and Garrett trying to get a picture in front of the CN Tower

Finally, I got the chance to play some volleyball this summer with Sarah Bain and two young girls that play for my club. One of my favorite old club coaches has been helping my get my setting workout in all summer and has introduced me to two great young players! Playing with them and Sarah this summer has made me so excited for this upcoming season and to be back in the gym with all of you! I can’t wait to see most of you on Friday and look forward to another awesome season!

Working with these girls has been so fun this summer!

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!

Emily Ast, Sophomore

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