Our Yearly Trip to Canada

Every summer my family of seven takes a week long trip up to a camp in Ontario, Canada. The camp we rent yearly is located on Charleston Lake.  This year is our thirteenth trip, which I am currently on now.  I was six years old when we came here for the first time. There are five kids in my family.  The oldest sibling will be twenty two this year and the youngest is twelve.  There are four girls and one boy, who is the oldest.  I am the middle child.

Even with all the kids home in the summer, we all seem to be going in a hundred different directions.  There does not seem to be a convenient time at home for us five to do things together.  If we are all actually at home and not at work or out with friends, it seems that only two or three of us tend to do things together due to the differences in age.  However, this is where our annual trip to Canada comes in.  This trip encourages us to be with each other for an entire week, and to find activities to do.  We genuinely enjoy and appreciate this trip together because there is no one to answer to, nor obligations to keep us from spending quality time with one another.


vball blog camp

This is the camp.  To the right is our little bay with a beach and a dock for the boats.

vball blog beach



This is the bay and dock looking from the deck.





To begin summarizing a typical week, we bring both of our boats up.  One is for fishing and one is for water activities such as water skiing and tubing.  I love tubing most, and prefer flat tubes that enable people to be whipped off of after holding on for dear life.  Fishing is something my dad taught us at a very young age, and that we all enjoy doing.  Typically we have competitions of who can catch the best or most fish.  Unfortunately, I do not usually win these competitions.


vball blog tube

vball blog tubing








These are pictures from today of my neighbor and I tubing.  They rent a camp next to ours.

Our favorite thing to do every morning is sit on the deck, eat breakfast, and watch the sunrise.  There are a lot of loons on the lake that are interesting to observe.  The parents often have their ducklings swimming alongside, and we watch as they dive down to get their babies food.

During the day we do water activities, fish, play corn hole, snorkle and relax.  Personally, I do a lot of relaxing and laying out on the beach to tan.  We like to go canoeing and kayaking, and to make trips to a little island known to us as “the rock”.  It is a large round rock that looks like the top of a turtle shell.  We go to jump off it into the water or to watch the beautiful sunset just prior to nightfall.  

vball blog sunset rock

This is the sunset from the rock.

We also enjoy making boating or canoeing trips to a little convenience store called Twist’s Outlet.  We tend to go here nearly every night for ice cream.  The couple that runs the little store knows us as the huge family that comes to Canada for one week every year.  It is nice to see someone here that recognizes us.

Before nightfall we are always anxious to see the beautiful sunset.  I mentioned prior that the rock is one of the places we go to view it.  We also have a spectacular view right from the deck that wraps around the camp.  The peninsula that the camp is named after (it’s called “Paradise Point”) has trees in front of the sunset.  The colors around the sun and the way the light shines through the trees is absolutely amazing.vball blog sunset point

This is the sunset from the porch.  The trees are on the peninsula.

My neighbors back at home came to visit us for a little for a couple years in a row.  They loved it so much that they decided to rent a camp right next to ours.  They have been coming to their own camp for three years now.  That is one of the kids tubing with me in the picture.

This trip never fails to bring us together.  It prevents us from doing unproductive and mindless things such as sitting on our phones or watching tv.  I will be forever grateful for this annual week of paradise with my family.




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