Summer ’16: Closing my Chapter on High School 

In the summer of 2015, two friends and I went on a 20 day European excursion with a tour group through France, England, Switzerland, and Italy. 

Because of this lengthy trip I went on last summer, I decided to stay local this summer and make the most of my time with my friends before college. As all of you know, I just recently graduated from high school on June 4th. 

These past four years have been so amazing and even though I’m sad to leave high school and my friends, I could not be more excited to start my new journey through college. 

I won’t be having too many crazy adventures this summer, unlike the last,  but I really look forward to relaxing on the beach, making memories with my friends, and playing an unhealthy amount of beach volleyball. 

This is the beach in my neighborhood where I play in a weekly volleyball league every Wednesday. 

This picture was taken right after my team won the Division 1 championship in the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League last year and we plan on taking home the chip this year as well!!

I’m sad to leave my friends and town, but I can’t wait to see what college has in store for me! SUNY Geneseo will without a doubt host the best four years of my life and the volleyball team will be a major part of that! I’m so excited to start college with the team and begin making life-lasting memories ! ♥️

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